Super Racing Mod – Hyper Edition


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This update includes a hyper tuned 50,000HP version for all vehicles, updated KW ratings, and LOW TRAFFIC versions for those who are interested in high performance cornering.

This mod adds “Super R” engine and transmission for all vehicles, includes physics and steering tuned for high speed, six custom gears for hauling and heavy acceleration, engine tuned to approximately 19,000hp (7 gears at 50,000HP for Hyper), no damage, and no over-rev (engine simulates normally unlike memory value adjustments or excessive torque values with no physics). Use with 10×8 chassis for maximum acceleration and handling above 300mph. Top speed 350mph at 19,000HP and 460mph at 50,000HP! Pull the heaviest trailers at up to 430mph with traffic-capable handling!

This version has been tested with Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.16.2s. The archive contains four versions, enable only one or the last in the list will be effective.

Warning: This mod is tuned only to achieve the upper traction and inertial limits of this simulator on long highways. Vehicles will not corner well in city areas at speeds above 150mph due to reduced steering ratios. Use sway and traction loss to your advantage around tight corners!




21 thoughts on “Super Racing Mod – Hyper Edition

  1. avis a tous un nouveau jeux est sortie c’est fusé simulateur on ne livre plus on fait des course a 340 et plus et bientôt on vas volé dans les aire livré sur mars et saturne vous été nul vous contourné les jeux en mascarade

  2. Another one of those useless mods turning a truck game into NFS…. If you want realism just stick to truck phisics….

    1. This mod is intended for testing and evaluation of the inertial, drag, and traction limits of the engine. You can see which characteristics the developers focused on when they developed functions related to handling and road properties. It’s also a great test of skill for professional drivers.

      Those who can appreciate precision engineering will see the humor!

    2. If you want realism don’t play ETS2.

      1. If you want to go like a maniac on the road play Need for Speed: Hot Porsuit not Euro Truck Simulator 2

  3. Andis Kreps

    What reason for this? Go play NFS, not ETS2!

  4. lol

  5. RayFiftyOne


    1. Sure, I’ll pass by you in American Truck Simulator at 500mph!

  6. Gagahberhad

    im also use a thousand HP in this game at version 1.1.1.. but i think what i got with this much HP?? so please stop using this NFS mod…This mod is not belong to ETS2…

  7. do you understand that nobody downloades this ###### mod???it has nothing to do with the game……use your playstation to play fast games

    1. …and yet tens of thousands of people are watching my videos no less than twice and requesting mod updates. My mod is about engineering humor, not slamming through police road blocks in vehicles with bodies which are barely dense enough to penetrate atmosphere.

  8. Don’t forget to make the ‘wings mod’ on trucks to well take off and then goodbye ;D

  9. @dr_jaymz

    cmon men are you serious? 51130hp??? :s

    1. Sasquatch

      Countless hours were spent refining and tuning it’s components. Every engine has been precisely measured using the most massive dynamometer on the planet. You’ll notice that no two engines are of the same spec!

      Test them all to determine which are fastest and which can handle loads most effectively!

  10. eurotruckker

    With this mod when I try to move it just stands and the engine can’t start.

  11. friend CLOSE GAME crash and I have the version Euro Truck Simulator 2 v.1.16.2s HELLP HELPPPP

  12. Hei man, i use my G25 and i can’t start. i pun in gear 1 and when i let down the clutch, the engine die.. and i can’t go..:(

  13. bou saada

  14. does this mod work sasquatch iam interested to get this one may be good thing to have godspeed lol!!

  15. this mod is ####. sure it goes fast once you can get it to go straight but even on 30kph or less it does a ####### 180 or 360 on the road at the slightest turn of the wheel and it’s always to the right.

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