Super Racing Mod with Sway Damping

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This update includes additional spring and wheel damping which is required for cornering stability with v1.15 due to added suspension and tire physics. Visit my youtube channel for a link to the NO TRAFFIC version of this mod if you’re interested in high performance.

This mod adds “Super R” engine and transmission for all vehicles, includes physics and steering tuned for high speed, six custom gears for hauling and heavy acceleration, engine tuned to approximately 19,000hp, no damage, and no over-rev (engine simulates normally unlike memory value adjustments or excessive torque values with no physics). Use with 10×8 chassis for maximum acceleration and handling above 300mph. Top speed 350mph.

Author: Sasquatch


8 Responses to Super Racing Mod with Sway Damping

  1. LezAsh says:

    here here….overpowered modz suck balls !!!

  2. Grandpa says:

    Release it in a kindergarten F…head

  3. Zdenko says:

    Hello please’ll ake speed limit euro truck simulator 2 v1.15 but was to 89 km / h but I do not want more km / h speed limit ets 2 v1.15 send me thank you

  4. maddison says:

    LOL, I am lucky that this time I don’t must be the first to say it..



    19 000 HP, I was looking more for 20 000 HP, too bad. If you can make the truck fly also that would be nice. No then it would be a flight simulator. Now I’m all confused. Great mod!

  6. thinker says:

    Only 2 small points I’d like to make.
    1, an engine of that power, would need a reasonable sized SHIP to house it.
    2, tyre technology just wont cope with those so called speeds. There is a good reason even the top race trucks are governed to a maxi,um speed of 160KPH The tyre won’t hold together under the centrifugal stresses produced by the tyres weight.

  7. Sasquatch says:

    The final image of Super Scania Racing Truck for Euro Truck Simulator 2:

    See you in American Truck Simulator next month!

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