Super Trailer Pack From Brasil

1365660241_super-trailer-pack-from-brasil-v2.0-6 1365660195_super-trailer-pack-from-brasil-v2.0-2 1365660253_super-trailer-pack-from-brasil-v2.0-1

Tested and Approved
Version: 1.3.1 (Test Another Version)


Conversion of Stork and Das Alcoa Wheels Doubles: Tonio Nunes
Lock Pack: Luan Warrior
Logos and Schio Engemix: Dori Erv
Skins Dalçoquio: Mark Teixeira
Mod Edit: Markoz kouto
Images: Markoz kouto


8 thoughts on “Super Trailer Pack From Brasil

  1. seems that europe is larger what they teach in school… now we missing japan,china +other asian countrys, and ofcourse america.. oh boy GREAT EUROPE!!!

  2. but still nice when people do mods if, i dont like i do not must use it, but cant we focus on Europe

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Porblem is Mak, SCS brings out Euro Truck Simulator,
      and we ignorant Europeans as we are, don’t count on people outside EU that loves the game as we do, and to make it a bit BTS2 (Brzlian Truck Simulator2) they make skins and more, and actually i find that nice and good work,



      1. maybe.. like i say its nice when peolple do mods.. still i think that there is lot work example accessories to truck.. but ok whatever..

  3. tu-eres-estupido-idiota

    Nice work i like these mods ,i drive a peterbilt 379 ingame ,im not from europe and i love this game

  4. @FreddyJimmink

    Zou je een skin kunnen maken voor de Volvo van transport bedrijf Wichers uit Schoonoord?

    Greetz BarKro91

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    @ BarKro kan wel even duren ik heb nog 3 andere skins te doen,

    Could take a while, BarKro, i have 3 skins to do first,


    Freddy Jimmink

  6. Dat geeft niet vin het allang mooi dat je het wil doen 🙂

    That doesn’t matter i like already that you want to do it 🙂



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