Super-tuning kit


This mod includes:
-body kit
-large chassis
Works with Truck shop

Author: 98andrea98


14 Responses to Super-tuning kit

  1. Peter says:

    Is this the same as gadget pcak v4?

  2. Silviano says:

    Download mirror?

  3. Silviano says:


  4. jonas says:

    is it rsr or sts

  5. randy says:

    how can i aply this mod?

  6. maximiliano says:

    the body kit works in the actros and in the other trucks

  7. XRay says:

    98andrea98 hi can you give me time please the password to the mod
    ZzSuper tuning kit + rib by 98andrea98 give the were really cool of you because I want out of your mod and meien I have a combo mod make out of it. thank you

  8. RoyarieskafansBusTruckDrivingsimulator says:

    what the version patch worked for this mod ?

  9. XRay says:

    no idea I think for all patch version

  10. TasjaDog says:

    Hi all, recently the latest steam version but this mod doesnt seem to work in it.
    Im not good with makig mods so anyone has same issue?
    I miss my low bumper on the scania… the one that it looks like its on the ground and the extra lights or whatever you want.

    Anyone help?

  11. Vakeesan says:


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