Super tuning mod


Working with Scania and Renault Magnum.
In this pack no skins. Made additional slots for accessories, now you can hang something on almost every part of the body. Mod is also present SCANIA EVO. Compatible with the light for all modes and Mega Mod.

Authors: Maghetto 704 , Blackened83, Jennenz


9 Responses to Super tuning mod

  1. So yhis is just Truckshop V6, which is already on the site.

  2. Quarazhi says:

    With added slots for lights… Because we really need more lights… Get the sarcasm?

  3. Lucas95 says:

    why your truck is so low?
    witch mod is this?

    • That is also in this mod. There are chassis with lowered wheels. Pick a chassis that has “ribassato” in the name. It does not do anything yet, but save the game, exit and start the game again. Now the wheel nodes are resetted and the truck is lowered πŸ™‚

  4. RegridasEST2 says:

    i cant download it πŸ™ please help me

  5. Alfan says:

    i’m not see anything in light slot to add more ligh =.=

  6. roadrunner says:

    only probolem im getting with this mod is when i have lights fitted to the frount of my truck at night when its at its darkest the lights start to flicker into the cab anyone else getting this probolem??

  7. Scanias says:

    Good work πŸ™‚

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