Super Tuning Pack for All Trucks


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Mod compatible with version 1.24 please keep the author link.

* Mudflaps – Stiholt, Scania, Man
* Lightpack – Kelsa, Hella, Bosch
* New horns
* Angel eyes light
* Compatible with all trucks
* Beacon pack

This work with truck mods?

I’ve tested in some modes yes it works fine.

Don’t forget to watch the video!!

HaTeLiFe, 50keda


4 Responses to Super Tuning Pack for All Trucks

  1. zoso says:

    I’m sorry but what are your new accessories?
    I have already all these accessories for a long time
    and it is not just 50k as the author of this tuning
    answer Thank you

  2. Piepers says:

    and another copy /paste of old mods…….

  3. Theosz says:

    well, I do not know if I already have all, and what I have with sure is a mess of simple joins of several authors.

    if HaTeLiFe have expertise, it wil be cool update MTP’s accessories, mainly the iluminated driver plates.

    if can be used for all trucks can/could be included to this pack otherwise need to be on specific mod(.scs) like bumpers, sunvisors, etc that fit only to RJL’s Scania.

    … and keep game.log.txt clean

  4. zoso says:

    Many authors have gone to these people
    TMP is no more updates for this reason

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