Super Tuning upgrade kit

Super Tuning (1) Super Tuning (3) Super Tuning (2)

First, I know many of you will love :), I was talking about you for a long time I was taking pictures, etc. at the end of the “andrea” today I finished NFS does not conflict with any mod I would recommend it to those who want a truck, it runs smoothly.

For game v1.19

Authors: 98andrea98, kyto


7 thoughts on “Super Tuning upgrade kit

  1. Мод не доработан только три запчасти откриваюца ( передний бампер.боковаю юбка.споллер с зади ) Плюс половина машини красним цветом!!! Доработайте мод плиз!!!

    1. Dr_Hause -No combination of third-party mods!
      Mod works 100%

      Write on the English! lol)

      1. Dr Hause are right,this is so ####.In addition, the roof of the cab spoiler is missing.

  2. 從新用好嗎?
    有的地方有 尾翼.前底盤.側裙
    側裙和前保險桿沒顯視 只有紅紅的

  3. material is readonly mode in sideskirt?
    who work for this mod? please!

  4. U R retarded

    you just repack the original mod
    fking ######

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