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SuperSport Wheels Pack All Truck



3 thoughts on “SuperSport Wheels Pack

  1. Big package posh wheels for all US-tractors! ATS version 1.3.хх

    For all trucks!

    This mod gives the player neovobrazimuyu imagination when choosing wheels and accesories to them, for more comfortable transportation of goods in his truck.
    Wheels glow in the dark in zavisimomti from the chosen color of tires.

    What is done:
    -Kolёsa Collected in one large package.
    -Mnogokratno Checked for all positions.
    -Added Missing files.
    -Added Icons in the gallery, the choice of tuning.

    Version ATS: 1.3.хх

    The original concept of these wheels belong – Kyto!
    Wheels with tires for all trucks (Anatoly 7469)
    All other work on the package, assembly, debugging and adding the missing files and icons: losevo58
    Manifesto: losevo58

    1. olenevo85

      Лось прокисни и протухни

  2. erossutrisno

    Mod test here:

    Its okay but specific wheel also need specific tyre.
    BTW Good Job.

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