Suzuky Carry 1.0

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Suzuky Carry 1.0

This mod can run in ets2 1.30
-original interior
-with unique addon accesories
-3 variant model body
-right hand drive asian mode indonesia

find in dealer daf

Yuli Indrayana


8 thoughts on “Suzuky Carry 1.0

  1. mehrab rjl 8000

    convert it for 1.31 bro 🙂

  2. This is amazing very very big well done 10/10

  3. excellent work bro

  4. please convert to 1.31 and make left hand drive

  5. It doesn’t show up in the dealership or the truck browser, and I doubt this is just because it is meant for an older version. Other 1.30 or even older mods work.

  6. plz convert to V.1.3.2 and i send u donation

  7. plz convert to V.1.3.2 bro

  8. Abdul Rafay

    How to Install

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