Swap Body Addon For Volvo F88-F89 By XBS

-Load Order
Swap Volvo
Swap By Sebastian
Mod Depedency

Link Volvo ( https://sharemods.com/omw37gzjs8pw/Volvo_F88_-ETS2_v1.44-1.45.x.scs.html )



9 thoughts on “Swap Body Addon For Volvo F88-F89 By XBS

  1. Why link for this Volvo doesn’t work?! Where I can get f88?

    1. I checked and I got no idea they removed it..I didn’t break any rules.Anyway you can get from another ets 2 mod site I cannot post the link here

      1. why they removed it*

  2. Red missing textures on the chassis unfortunately

      1. Danke für die Hilfe.Hab aber leider trotzdem keinen Anhänger

        1. it is compatible with Sebastian’s Azw trailer downloadable on steam or forum

      2. Hello,
        Does the same fix exist for Volvo F10 -F12 by mjtemdark ? Because i have the same issue with the chassis .

  3. Der Mod geht super mit Ets2 1.44.nur leider fehlt mir der Anhänger

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