Sweden Frakt Trailer Skin

Tested on v1.26, 1.27
Skin for Schmitz Trailer.



11 thoughts on “Sweden Frakt Trailer Skin

  1. sad, next one.
    Trailer not updated for 1.27……..

    1. Dragan007

      I tested trailer on v1,27 and work perfect……

  2. you know what are the game log?

    1. Dragan007

      Man, do not ever think you commented on my mods if you’re ###### and one yans enlist mod that’s not my problem.

    2. Ciao Rudi, today I’m pretty calm for explaining to everyone.
      Lost time is not worth it.
      There are many arrogant and presumptuous people who do not know a Cazzo and do not accept advice, and many who did not respect ets2studio’s authors
      They now complain because they are not updated.
      Good work has to write?

  3. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Mate if you have problems with this mod, that doesnt mean that everybody will have same problem as you

    1. Ciao Alexandar_lone_wolf, Rudi is right he just explained
      And I think you know these issues.
      Filelog: pmg ‘has incorrect file version 506d6713 – expected version 506d6714

  4. the problem is simple. 1 trailer with this warning are no problem. 2,3, 4 also. but if you have 20, 30, 50 or more, then you will get a stuttering game. why? because always if one of this trailers will spotted, they read this warning in the game log. thats the point.
    you all spent tie to create this mods, thank you. i also like this trailers, i would like to play with them. but really around 90% of all new trailers here for 1.27 has the same problem. it is really so hard to elimante this issues?
    i cant help you, but i will start next with skinning. then i can explain it to you. right this time you can use google, or just ask in the SCS forum how to solve that.
    easy, or not? 🙂

  5. CyrusTheVirus

    Very easy, less than a minute…and new file format improve in game fps.
    For me….no clean gamelog is a mod not o.k.
    Yes, it’s my opinion..
    Regards & ciaoz. 🙂

  6. Dragan007

    Rudi you’re a fool born Senna has therefore hear and cover my ears and I said you do not comment my mods

  7. lol Dragan.
    in the future i will check especially your mods. and if they are not well, i will write comments. only because i love you so much. :p

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