Sweet Fx 1.16+


Hello.They are
compartible with graphic mods.
Download it and see readme 😉
And you can make a picture with Printscreen
You can find it at youre Bin/86



11 Responses to Sweet Fx 1.16+

  1. Mishanya says:

    video studio, Ser

  2. San4eS54 says:

    works with 1.15?

  3. Donlayn says:

    Hallo gut mod, aber ich habe eine Frage, ist funktioniert für die 64-Bit-Version oder es ist nur für die 32-Bit-Version?


    Hi good mod but I have one question is working for the 64-bit version or it is only for the 32-bit version?

  4. juro says:

    patch 1.16 use 64bit no 32bit

  5. Dan says:

    This is not a new SweetFX its still Version 1.5.1 which was release long time ago it says in the readme.

    For it to work with 64 bit you need to put it in bin Win_x64 folder x86 is 32 bit and disbale Vignette in the settings unless you want the edges of your screen to be black.

  6. SztywnyFred says:

    Why this mod not work in photo mode? Does anyone else have this problem?

  7. Ramin says:

    Everytime I alt+tab, my game crashes.Fix?

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