Sweet FX for 1.20

Sweet-FX-1 Sweet-FX-2

Increased exposure that was not too dark on standard weather
Version 1.20

Author: axelrol


27 Responses to Sweet FX for 1.20

  1. Toitoine says:

    It’s amazing, I thought that the second image was an actual photo

  2. Appelsap says:

    No file?

  3. aditya_oxygen says:

    No File ???

  4. axelrol says:

    What file you want? This is only SweetFX + Settings, its not a truck. Loool 😀

  5. axelrol says:

    Alternative link (i didnt upload it here pn lt so its not my fault :D)


    Again – its not a truck.

  6. kiLLer Modding says:

    can anyone explain me how to add sweet fx to ets2? what folders, files I need to put . please 🙂

  7. sw says:

    Truck is private I guess?

  8. Samo says:

    So we just unpak the rar file into our ETS2 folder? Or is this where we need to unpak the base file and pak it again after copy paste into unpaked base file folder?

  9. mgrd says:

    Scania is privat? Please where can i download this nice scania? Thx 🙂

  10. AceOfSpades says:

    Where can I get the truck in the second picture? Look’s amazing.

  11. Christer says:

    Doesn’t work for me the game crashes when I change screen resolution.

    I’m using latest ETS 2 Steam editon both DLCs and Promods.

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      OMG…dont see to description???
      You NO change graphics with Sweet…adjust your game-put files in game folder, play..ok???

      • Christer says:

        Nowhere in the description says don’t change graphics in Sweet which I haven’t done. When I put Sweet where it is said I should, the game resets all graphics settings to default. And when I try to change resolution in the game with the games options tab the game crashes an when I restart the game the graphics in the game is reseted once again.

  12. Henk says:

    Much to bright!

  13. mohammad says:

    Is this only for 64 Bit computers?

    • WangeloITA says:


    • Chief86 says:

      No, It is for 32 bit. just watch the video posted earlier on how to add SweetFx. the second in the vid is for 64 bit

  14. BLiNKT says:

    Not work for me

    i put all files to bin/win_x64 and than copy from SweetFX_x64 two DLL’s and replace with other two and when i start game i not see any difference and when i press INSERT to turn off/on its nothing happens

  15. EmilN says:

    Hello, why your game looks so nice mine just look the same?
    my game just looks normal and yours look so nice.
    please reply

  16. DimeS says:

    мене ми прави краш.. кога ја уклучувам играта.. како може да го поправам тоа ..молам

  17. DimeS says:

    Crash makes me .. when I turn on the host game .. how can you fix it ..molam

  18. Anonymus says:

    FAKE!! not working in 64 bits game version

  19. Aphex Twin says:

    It works fine but night time is like day time please fix this

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