Sweet FX Realistic Colours

Sweet FX Realistic Colours

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“Realistic” is a strong word…

– 32bits:copy/paste all the files in (C:….SteamAppscommonEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x86)
– 64bits:-1 copy/paste all the dll from the (X64_dll’s) file to the parent level folder
– 2 copy/paste all the files in (C:….SteamAppscommonEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64)

Sweet FX is compatible with all graphic mods. Feel free to make your own presets, for your specific needs, by editing the SweetFX_settings.
When you start the game the SweetFX is enabled (ON).
To understand if it works properly: press the ‘insert’ key while you’re playing and you’ll see difference in graphics (ON/OFF)
It will create a log file in the win_x86 or win_x64
In SweetFXPresetsSweetFX_settings is the 2 setting(a little bit darker than the first)
if you want to try it copy/paste to the parent level folder.
Do not re-upload (I’d like to know the number of downloads), but feel free to share the orginial link đŸ™‚
Keep on truckin’…
Tested on 1.18.x

Authors: AchillesSibir, CeeJay.dk, Boulotaur2024, K-putt


5 Responses to Sweet FX Realistic Colours

  1. Gulak says:

    My Norton securite not like dll failes.

  2. AchillesSibir says:

    The video is in the Greek language (sorry guys),for the needs of our great ETS2 community

    • TodoMundoLocko says:

      Dont worry my friend, trucks are people from the world’s roads! xD

  3. Hauser says:

    No difference with default Sweet Fx. In my monitor at least.

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