Sweet FX with Antialiasing


Lots of features to tweak about and performance optimization for ETS2.

IMPORTANT: Read “Instructions.txt” for instalation.

Please DO NOT upload to other sites ! Thanks !

Tested on ETS2 1.23

Author: MKR


11 thoughts on “Sweet FX with Antialiasing

  1. doesn’t exist the 1.23 game version !!

    1. kiLLer Modding

      exist! you noob, buy the game and you will have 1.23 public beta, little kid

      1. but this game version isn’t published yet, how it is supposed that this mod is published for this game version

      2. Johnny Rotten

        errr, no, the current version of the game is, the BETA from Steam today is version 1.23, but, not everyone has that at the moment, so, stop being such a clever nobhead and use your brain, noob.

        1. are you always so such an ###? or didn’t your pampers got changed? the guy is just asking a normal question at least you can answer it as normal human and not like a complete jackass! not everyone uses STEAM here so he could never know, therefor i find it a good question.

  2. What Truck is on this Pic? Can you maybe share the Download Link? Thanks

    1. lolnoobhax

      It’s obviously a Verbeek skin on a Scania.

  3. in the commentary could explain whether to turn off the HDR, color, etc.

    1. I always use game recommended settings with SweetFX.
      – Everything on

  4. Is this mod for 32bit or is it also for 64bit?

    1. This is for the 64bit version.

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