Sweet FX with Antialiasing


Lots of features to tweak about and performance optimization for ETS2.

IMPORTANT: Read “Instructions.txt” for instalation.

Please DO NOT upload to other sites ! Thanks !

Tested on ETS2 1.23

Author: MKR


11 Responses to Sweet FX with Antialiasing

  1. TTcsdm96 says:

    doesn’t exist the 1.23 game version !!

    • kiLLer Modding says:

      exist! you noob, buy the game and you will have 1.23 public beta, little kid

      • TTcsdm96 says:

        but this game version isn’t published yet, how it is supposed that this mod is published for this game version

      • Johnny Rotten says:

        errr, no, the current version of the game is, the BETA from Steam today is version 1.23, but, not everyone has that at the moment, so, stop being such a clever nobhead and use your brain, noob.

        • Rowddy says:

          are you always so such an ###? or didn’t your pampers got changed? the guy is just asking a normal question at least you can answer it as normal human and not like a complete jackass! not everyone uses STEAM here so he could never know, therefor i find it a good question.

  2. luke says:

    What Truck is on this Pic? Can you maybe share the Download Link? Thanks

  3. luis says:

    in the commentary could explain whether to turn off the HDR, color, etc.

    • MKR says:

      I always use game recommended settings with SweetFX.
      – Everything on

  4. Reco says:

    Is this mod for 32bit or is it also for 64bit?

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