SweetFX 1.14


Good day everyone) I want you to submit my Sweet FX settings, which
were made ​​for myself, but I decided to post them. They are
compartible with graphic mods and even supplement them. These settings
change the graphic radically. If you do not like them, or your
graphics were better and so on, this one is the final configuration
and is not subject to alteration. If you wish, you can manually edit
it according your needs.
Pluses of my settings:
— Improved smoothing FXAA and SMAA;
— Higher clarity(Sharpen);
— Optimally configured brightness and contrast;
— Completely redesigned rendition that makes picture in the game
very photorealistic;
— Carefully adjusted saturation, bloom and curves.

1.Unpack the entire contents of the archive in the folder with .exe
file, for example, D/Games/Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win86
2.You must (!) disable MLAA and color correction.



26 Responses to SweetFX 1.14

  1. Frne says:

    Link truck ? 🙂

    • Jirka says:

      Dont exist… Its my old version of Roling which i give to Axelrol and he edit it, but i dont know why is that on this screens…

  2. Baba says:

    TYVMuch Dastagir

  3. Maxx3501 says:

    Video with this SweetFX http://youtu.be/Sb7M_MhfG14

  4. EnzO says:

    thank Dastagir 😉

  5. влад says:


  6. Aaron says:

    Thanks! Nice SweetFx!

  7. cristakey says:

    Hi, when I start the game (through Razer Cortex) the application doesen’t start: why?

  8. Hayalet26 says:

    No changes did not !!!

  9. Bulina says:

    How to see this sweetfx in pictures? I take a photo on ETS 2 but when i open the picture doesn`t see the sweetfx mod..just the simple picture.

  10. cristakey says:

    I can’t do it work. The game starts with the SweetFX without problems but on size 1024×760! And when I select “1920X1080” or lower the game crashes. Can you help me?

    • Faelandaea says:

      Oooh yeah good question. This mod isn;t specific to resolution is it? I won;t go any lower than 5040×1200 resolution.

  11. Faelandaea says:

    Very nice!

    Oh . . . @Maxx3501 . . . I think you linked the wrong video, mate. That video just focuses on some Renault trying to show off a physics mod – not showing any environment or anything at all besides a truck rocking all over the place 😉

  12. Fane says:

    Hi Dastagir, what graphic card you have? Thanks!

  13. Mex says:

    Dastagir can you help me with text in front glass on the truck?

  14. vaay1999 says:

    Hello I have a problem or not, my game is working normally but I have time to pluis, is this normal?

  15. RiXeN says:

    I don’t see any changes other than this forced my game to 1024×760 on lowest possible settings, in full-screen mode, and changing anything causes the game to crash.

  16. evox says:

    Trailer please?

  17. nothing says:

    just a bullshit !!!

  18. John.. says:

    So fun.. downloaded it installed it.. started the game.. then it crashed. Fun .__. (not)

  19. Ukaszz says:

    That photos make Axelrol with his sweetfx, your looks weird…

  20. son says:

    how to disable MLAA and color correction ???

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