Sweetfx Alpha v1.5


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Very Realistic !!

Work On ETS2MP

Little Changes 1.5 Update:
-With Bloom Settings
-Improved SMAA and FXAA Settings

copy all to ets2/bin/win_x86

I Recommended using red expert 2.6 mod for realistic graphics
and unchecklist:
– MLAA(Recommended)
– Depth Of Field
– Sunshafts
– Color Correction(Recommended)

Author: world4war



5 thoughts on “Sweetfx Alpha v1.5

  1. Sorry but.. Everything looks horrible.

  2. Yeah, it looks absolutely horrible.

  3. Realistic? haha xD

  4. too bright , much too bright …. but anyway thks ‘ ur effort for sharing…

    by the way change your f***ing ###### nickname !!!! u do not have any idea how war is horrible !! shame on u

  5. Better like X-Brutal Environnement for the new thing sounds such as boat and city.

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