Szatmári Transport Stas Trailer [Beta] Autonomus


This trailer mod very beta! VERY BETA! Working on all version. And Flickr link the Work In Progress modell:[email protected]/
-Autonomus for those wishing to

Jani-7, TurboGamer, Stels


8 Responses to Szatmári Transport Stas Trailer [Beta] Autonomus

  1. Simontruck99 says:


  2. Cesario says:

    Kösziiiiiiiiii 😀

  3. Willy says:

    the trailer looks very nice .
    thanks for it .
    but is it visible in AI traffic ?
    if not can you make a trailer_traffic_storage file

  4. BatorJanosJani-7 says:

    Respect Stels! 🙂 I like this! 🙂

  5. Ramin says:

    do the wheels come with it @Stels

  6. JESAN says:

    Pls make a version with a top canvas cover and other cargoes like cereals, fertilizers = more realistic
    ps :your version with gravel = 60 tons IRL !

  7. Epsilon04 says:

    Nice trailer :] Thanks for share!

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