Szatmári Transport Stas Trailer [Beta]


This trailer mod very beta! VERY BETA! Working on all version. And Flickr link the Work In Progress modell:[email protected]/

Jani-7, TurboGamer


10 thoughts on “Szatmári Transport Stas Trailer [Beta]

  1. Very nice looking
    I tried it and enjoyed it but I suggest as follows :
    – standalone with realistic and specific cargoes (no sand, gravel but things like cereals, fertilizers, powder stuffs…
    – put a tarpaulin roof on top to hide cargo
    – different colours/skins
    Nb : current log message while playing is : ehicle’s list is not empty…etc\nThanks again for sharing

    1. BatorJanosJani-7

      Thank you very much! Thank you for using the mod! 🙂 😀 Yes, of course all things come to pass. And many other things as well. 🙂

  2. Very nice 🙂

    1. BatorJanosJani-7

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. Is this trailer available to skin or not?

    1. BatorJanosJani-7

      Yes of course, skin texture dds:

  4. I like the sarantos-like wheels 🙂

    1. BatorJanosJani-7

      Me to! 🙂

  5. kikou1508

    i want a mod of this truck please!! its a dump IVECO ASTRA HD 9 8×4 chassis
    it has the same interior with IVECO STRALIS

  6. BatorJanosJani-7

    Here you are?

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