Tamil Nadu Map (1.36-40) With Profile

Map Type: Standalone.
Supported Version: 1.36-40
DLC Required: No DLC

Presenting the Tamil Nadu Map. It fully looks like the Indian Hill side road.This map contains 1:1 narrow roads with a beautiful road side view. It is a fantastic map for bus driving. There are a lot of Indian Volvo buses parked in the all parking zone & fuel station.
This map was only for the old version but I made it compatible with the upper version of 1.36.

Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work. Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map & always support me for work similar to this one!
Do not reupload it. Use the original download link for sharing.

Map : Adie & Imtiaz
Skin: IBS Gaming
Convert: Solmon Alice Gaming


6 thoughts on “Tamil Nadu Map (1.36-40) With Profile

  1. It says couldnt load saved game 🙁 dont know why tho…

  2. dave morley

    crashes my game

  3. Mohit Kumar

    thera are lots of saves and without them it is not loading what to do now ?

    1. Joshua esto

      Check it well bro it’s loading

  4. Joshua esto

    It’s working bro check it well

  5. not working on 1.40.4

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