Tandem Nordic Trailers – ByCapital v2.0


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Changelog v1.0 to 2.0
Fixed handling problems in game version 1.22
Made boxes shiny to match Flemmings new boxes
This is a trailer for tandem trucks. It works fine with both my tandem trucks and those in Flemming V’s Tandem truck pack.
The trailer is fully standalone.

Remember that the game for now only use one pivot point so the “dolly” is just a dummy and does not turn. But it looks good on picture.

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.
Capital – Trailer rework
Matdom1988 – Trailer base
Flemming V – Trailer parts

Capital, Matdom1988, Flemming V, SCS


23 thoughts on “Tandem Nordic Trailers – ByCapital v2.0

  1. It does not work as it should

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      why ? Works fine on ets2 v1.22

      1. It does not work as it should version 1.21.1 a 1.22.2

  2. what it is ? Truck trailer is not turning

    1. It´s because there is no second turning point coded into the game

  3. all tandem BDF in Scandinavia have a problem
    1- if you use option workshop remain stuck in the bins or fence
    2-out of the port of Trelleborg fits into the barriers
    other ports have not tested
    ciao amici

    1. Yeah, I have that problem too… Its too long for the ports and the workshops. And this bothers me very much. Especially me who likes to travel from one part of the map to the other(long distance).
      I wish that there were anything to do about it but its not 🙁
      Cheers mate

  4. when SCS will able to done that than bother on sucks focus

  5. it says “No File” after clicking download file

    1. Cyberduck

      Same for me :/

  6. Karina-Moskva

    Cool !

    1. Russoturisto

      Karina- Maskava = Только ты может подложить свою самую вонючюю пиздень, под проклятого немца)
      Только не ссы трипером)

  7. Cool ! This Trailer goob ! #### jazzycatt Tandem Traffic missing and other Trailers too missing in traffic! something wrong this Capital Nordic Trailer!

  8. Trucker Melli

    thank you for this mod. but i miss the malmbergs skin on this trailer that would be nice…..

      1. Sebastian

        veldig bra jobba 😉 fine lastebilder du har

  9. Can’t download file, that say “No File”

  10. Freddy Jimmink

    Maybe in version 3 make front wheels on trailer steerable, or give all tandems a fixed dolly and than use trailers, even the trailers we have already.

    I am not a modder otherwise i tried it myself

  11. i can’t find this trailer on freightmarket even i already slept 3 times, any guidance to solve this problem?


    1. Use this mod, it deletes all standard Ets 2 trailers and only uses the standalone ones! https://ets2.lt/en/only-standalone-trailers-v-1-1/

  12. bonsaier002

    nice mod getestet auf 1.22 ohne probleme,danke schön für diesen schönen tandem
    hier unsere gigaliner tandem seite

  13. Hey dude!
    How did you get those rims to work? And what mod are they from?
    I’ve tried to mod my wheels/rims onto the wagon but I just cant seem to make it work? Maybe a download link would help.
    Thanks for reading.

  14. The download link dosnt work 🙁

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