Tanju Akdoğan Renault Premium + Tırsan Trailer

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Aracı Her Yerden Kilitledim Kırılması Kesinlikle Ve Kesinlikle Yasaktır…
►Uyumlu Sürümler:1.25.x – 1.26.x – 1.27.x
►Renault Premium:Alperen Sağlam (Spoiled Gamer)
►Tırsan Dorse:UMTKRZ furkan61
►Tırsan Dorse Düzenlenmesi:Alperen Sağlam (Spoiled Gamer)
İyi Oyunlar… 🙂
-Good Game 🙂

Alperen Sağlam (Spoiled Gamer)


6 thoughts on “Tanju Akdoğan Renault Premium + Tırsan Trailer

  1. You son of a #####, Turkish terrorist here is not a policy and a site to play

    1. Götsünüz AMK

      Dear ets2.lt authors,

      Some users replies are so disgusting. Plz, sometimes come here and check your website replies…

      ” simon says:
      May 7, 2017 at 16:27
      You son of a #####, Turkish terrorist here is not a policy and a site to play ”

    2. Bürküt'ATA

      Simon, Hide your disgusting thought all right ? you and who are think’ is like you never but never gonna pollute to world! NOW KEEP CALM AND RESPECT TRUCK WORK !

  2. hristakis

    F*ck turkey f*ck osmans

  3. Any modes online, ### everyone said a foolish words..

  4. I personally am not a big fan of turkish truck tuning, but please respect his work! He has spent time working on this and made something he liked. No one is forcing you to download it or comment racist thoughts on his post.
    If you don’t like it, just keep scrolling.
    Racisms does not belong in this community, just listen to the freaking name of the game; “EURO” Truck Simulator!
    Thank you for sharing your mod author 😉

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