Tank Trailer Pack


Authors: Sib3rius


8 thoughts on “Tank Trailer Pack

  1. link does not work.
    uploaded sucks and said:

    Sie haben die Limitierung für Free Account Benutzer bereits überschritten. Um weitere Dateien herunterladen zu können, benötigen Sie einen Premium Account.

    but I have download nothing for a few days

  2. Wow WOw Wow awesome tanktrailer remake looks extreme

    Keep up the nice work

    1. obviously EEv 2012 is just acro for authoer of bad mod to lie about the goodness of failed mod

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    These people are so stubern that they don’t care at all if everybod can download or not!

    I say if You don’t care abut me, than i don’t care about You, how nice it is i don’t care!

    It is protected, it is corrupt and it is terrible that this kind of people can place their ###### things here,



  4. Whats the point of locking the skins and mat files? Ok, i understand locking the model, but definitions, skins, mat files. Trailer look like shiny #### in game, because texture and material files are bad and author lock them so you can not fix them.

  5. False credit, they did not credit me as original author. Either fix credits and release it unlocked or take this mod down and never re-upload. This is mod theft at its finest, showing no respect towards the original author.

    1. Freddy Jimmink


      Why don’t You place Your mod here? I will help You to make beautifull skins on it,

      And for all of us why don’t we ban locked mods?
      It is very easy not using them and constantly complane about the locked mods wich crsshes the game constantly,



  6. Crashes game Nice mod but locked can not find out problems with lock files SO DELETE

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