Tanker skin pack 01


In this pack 14 new skins for Sib3rius trailers.
Model: Sib3rius
Skins: Millsyb


11 Responses to Tanker skin pack 01

  1. kim v.c says:

    it doesn’t work with me

  2. 87granny says:

    Does not work for me either and you locked an unlocked file from the author so i can’t figure out why i doesn’t work WTF is up with that

  3. Humpfester says:

    Doesn’t work in 1.31 here.

  4. Humpfester says:

    Got it to work, the original mod .scs file was named “adr-tank by ETS2MOD.scs”, all you need to do is rename this file “ads-tank by ETS2MOD1.scs, so that shows up after the original file in you mod folder and it’ll work.

    • 87granny says:

      nowyfuel_cistern.scs, and nowyfood_cistern.scs were the original names of the files by Sib3rius so what are you changing to what as neither scs is named ETS2MOD.scs

  5. Humpfester says:

    Sorry I was looking at the wrong tanker, my bad.

  6. chatonopentelho says:

    hello friends! soon skin for this trailer tank, apfereira TRUCKMAN free and unlocked for the entire community of fans of ETS2, I believe in people, in spite of everything and everyone, rssss …….. a hug!

  7. LLMM222130 says:


  8. James Harrison says:

    Hello everyone, I helped make this mod and the locking is nothing to do with me. If anyone wants any of the following skins from this pack give me an email and I’ll send them over. I too don’t believe in locking my work.

    White Clean,
    White Rusty.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Chris Bradshaw says:

      Hi there is it possible you can send me the whole lot of tankers skins you listed above for example asda and tesco. Plus do you know if they will work with the 1.8 update.

      many Thanks


  9. Humpfester says:

    I did get these skins to work, all you need to do is rename the file so it shows up after the trailer file “nowyfuel_cistern.scs, I renamed this file to nowyfuel_cistern1.scs they show up in game.

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