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Tanker trailer i was going to template it but havent got time just now may do it in the near future enjoy

Author: jako2015


5 Responses to Tanker Trailer

  1. zoso says:

    but you are the original author?
    otherwise add – Kamaz, alexfree- authors of this trailer
    here the link https://ets2.lt/en/?s=alexfree
    please reply

  2. JESAN says:

    Author = TZ EXPRESS

    • zoso says:

      Ciao JESAN I remembered of these authors
      but if you’re sure it is only fair to add TZ Express
      thanks for giving me the original author

  3. JESAN says:

    Ciao Zoso,
    You’re probably right because Tz makes his trailer from scratch and I don’t believe he has so bad a taste to build a tanker with a straight chassis like this (= unlike his Schwarzmüller fuel tanker which is self-supporting like tankers are in Europe).

    • zoso says:

      Anyway or TZ or Kamaz, alexfree-
      jako 2015 is not the original author

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