Tarania Map Alpha v 0.0.1

Tarania-1 Tarania-2 Tarania-3

Hello! My name is Narcis, and this summer I start a new project… It is about a map, that want to be something off road, a lot of village, a lot of countryside road…some extreme road….and pretty detailed…now is just a alpha with bugs and other problem. I let you here some picture. If you like it please leave a comment.

For now map need dlc go east and dlc scandinavia..but i hope to be available and for other that don’t had the Scandinavia

Create a new profile.
Activate all 3 parts.
Switch from europe to taranoaia.mbd

Do not forget this is first version of alpha…any bugs, and errors wiil be repaired in next update.

Builder, owner: Narcis-Gabriel(me), Some models: FLD


14 thoughts on “Tarania Map Alpha v 0.0.1

  1. andrew reader

    video please

  2. so, i must download this map from now ? or later ? because i waiting for next map upload from your, btw i didn’t have a dlc or going east, just standard.

    1. The next version will be launched at 25/6/2015.

  3. am incercat-o si nu merge

    1. narcis1014

      Esti sigur ca ai DLC Scandinavia? Ai urmat instructiunile?

  4. O descarc acuma!

  5. Братан сделал бы карту Азербайджана?

  6. T454N14 M4P 5\/

    Speram sa se repare problema cu Scandinavia! 😉

  7. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here is a delivery completed with the map.
    In this video, I think I drove/explored through everything that is available or not available in this map.
    Sorry that the bus AI mod that I was using caused havoc in the video:-)

    Picked up cargo in ‘The Middle’
    Teleported to ‘The Windy’
    Delivered cargo to ‘The Hill’ 233km run

    1. narcis1014

      Thank you 🙂

  8. De ce ma scoate afara din joc dupa ce bag modurile, si , cand incerc sa intru?

    1. narcis1014

      Ai nevoie si de DLC Scandinavia.

  9. sa te caci pe ea de harta e la fel de proasta ca si creatorul ei

    1. narcis1014

      Salut! Imi poti spune problema hartii? Orice vorba spusa trebuie sa aiba si argumente 🙂

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