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Tatra v5.0 for ETS2 v1.26 !
Readme V1.0:
Tuning – Hella light,50K Beacon,Dice,Twister,Sting,Joker front grill,Sting roof grill.
Interior with 50Keda GPS,original SCS GPS,without GPS.
6×4 chassis with turntable,6×4 tandem chassis.
Coal,Sand,Gravel,Empty,No visible trailer.
Coal,Sand,Gravel,Empty Extension.

Readme V2.0:
Fix glass with use HDR.
Add logs extension (logs,empty) in servise.
Add logs trailer (logs,empty,no visible).
Add logs crane on 6×4 chassis with turntable.

Readme V3.0:
Add chassis 4×4.
Add roofgrill – only slots,small with 4 position on roofgrill + 2 position on truck roof.
Add paint.
Add extension on 4×4 chassis (sand,coal,gravel,empty).
Add side,front small mirror.
Add light grid(all,small,big).
Add DLC Cabin Accessory.
Add DLC Metallics Paint Job.
Add chassis 6×2/4.

Readme v4.0
Add DLC Flags.
Add ATC.
Add new DLC cabin accessory toys.

Readme V5.0
Add new DLC cabin accessory toys.
Add winter accessory.

Dont reupload !
Author: jazzycat,50Keda,Vlasta, HomerS

jazzycat, 50Keda, Vlasta, HomerS



16 thoughts on “Tatra v5.0 for v1.26

  1. Please interior TATRA,now now interior DAF hm hybrid

    1. TATRA is DAF concern and because Tatra have hybrid interior. Is REAL

    2. This truck was based on DAF – so have a interior from DAF – look in Google…

    3. Piratxxx11

      Little kid, first learn, before write…###..

      1. Piratxxx11


    4. Truck has DAF interior, because TATRA is in PACCAR concern. For that, this truck looks like DAF CF

  2. HD Video Test 1.26 youtube.com/watch?v=iiUrdu7QY40&feature=youtu.be

  3. HD Review in Romanian

  4. shadowm312

    Doesn’t work on patch Crashes when u try to load map

    1. I play on and work

  5. A helemese Tatrovečka
    Kéž by tak někdo udělal 148 i stím zvukem co děla ten její motor.

    Samozřejmě jsem rád i za tuhle.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND_kJHbJ9d8
    so hier mal der Tatra -DAF eine coproduktion ,deswegen auch interior von DAF für die ,die keine ahnung haben und nur meckern können

  7. works fine! has also few tandems in the trailers list, except novis trailer that is not visible neither in the trailer list neither in job offers and which caused already a game crash, please correct this in the next version.
    otherwise all good, thanks!

    1. no bug, is invisible cargo for “feeling” load on truck no trailer 🙂

  8. Please this mod for version 1.27.xx.

  9. Bitte diesen Mod für Version 1.33.xx

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