TDL Smokey and the Bandit Truck+Trailer


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Hello community,
Hereby I introduce my new project. But there are some things missing.

V0, 6: this version
V0, 7: Better textures
V1, 0: With all the tuning parts

Mod content:
TDL Smokey and the Bandit Scania R620 Truck Skinn
TDL Smokey and the Bandit Trailer Skinn
Sun visor with curtains and banners
Interiour Smokey sytle
(Otherwise, the trailer Skinns Stanard companies in the game)

More pictures on:
Who wants to help me must log like 🙂

Sun visor kan you do not select the Full-Paint booth.
Right cab side is not so good succeedGenerally not a good texture

You need to get displayed at the BBQ. The Truck Shop Mod V8.1!

Truck / Truck
Skinn: By KTMB1998

Interiou / Interior
Mod: Sheaf
Skinn: By Hamza Velagic

Trailer / hanger
Moddel: ETS2 mods
Skinn: By KTMB1998

Sunvisor / Sunvisor
Skinn: By KTMB1998

The mod anywhere where anderst upload!
Who does not have the Traceable consequences!



3 thoughts on “TDL Smokey and the Bandit Truck+Trailer

  1. This is the wrong Picture!Here the right:

  2. Freddy Jimmi nk

    Now i am so f-word curious of Capelle this gonna like, unless capelle and KTMB1998 are 1 and the same person,

    BTW thanks Capelle, Pathfinder and maffiacopanions I am still here and bigger and better than ever!


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. Freddy Jimmink: Thats wrong!

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