TDU2 Traffic Pack 1.35 edit by Cip

This high quality pack has been initially uploaded by Serj999 and was corrected, completed, improved and updated by me for each new game version since 1.31

This update also integrated the personalized sounds directly in the mod (not in additional addon as before) and all necessary files for full compatibility with my Real Traffic Density mod (sport and classic cars are stored as separate type of vehicles with individual spawn rules)

Please read on my Sounds thread on SCS forum to learn how to use this pack and to find other sounds packs for ETS2 and ATS:

share only by keeping the author’s link! keep in mind that mod thieves are too dumb to release updates for you if one day I decide that enough is enough 😉

Eden Games, Atari, Serj999, Cip


7 thoughts on “TDU2 Traffic Pack 1.35 edit by Cip

  1. Thank you, Cip! This is the ideal package I needed! Now the game is complete.

  2. Also, from me Thank You. 5*

    All your Packs works perfect, so for this I take off for the Moment Jazzycats Packs… 🙁

    Now I’m happy 🙂 🙂

  3. TruckerOne

    You test your mods before release????

    00:10:14.386 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/def/colors/citroen_classic.sui’ in the read_only mode.
    00:10:14.386 : Failed to open the file ‘/def/colors/citroen_classic.sui’.
    00:10:14.387 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_classic.tdu2.sii)
    00:10:14.387 : [traffic_vehicle_type] Unable to load vehicle storage from ‘/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_classic.sii’!
    00:10:14.387 : Loaded traffic vehicles of type ‘classic’: 0

    1. do you ever read scs forum?

      I replied to you already in ATS mods ! 😉

  4. I’m sorry, but it does not work for me. The game crashes. I do not know why either…

    1. TruckerOne

      Because the mod it’s not OK. Read my post

      1. Yes, I read. But I just did not believe Сip made mistakes! I hope he will read this and fix this mod. Incidentally, the same applies to “Asphalt Traffic”

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