Team Truck 1860 Munich v1


Once Leo Leo always ………
Sorry but it was so much fun the esrte MOD to finish because I was
ordered just a second behind packing.
This time, however, I’ve taken and Think about time ……

At this point at all, a skin can send me jemad of a Plan trailer and a

To the truck ….

I have taken the vereinsbus as a template and all patched on the MAN.
At the door of the Tricko the menus are 2013/2014 is shown. The
sponsors are of course all of it.
Our new main sponsor (VW) is to find me the words “Think Blue” on the
tank cover.
Even the white lion (which there is not a picture), I’ve attached

The LOGO is also with it. found on the back of the truck.

The roof air deflector has the word “Munich Big Love” (as heck also be

I wish you much fun with the truck.

Author: Mike_MB


2 thoughts on “Team Truck 1860 Munich v1

  1. Front of the truck is ugly.

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Das man sowas auch noch hochladen muss.

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