Tedit for ETS 2

Tedit for ETS 2

▶ Change the price on trailers
▶ Changed some prescription trailers.
▶ Changed some prescription cargo.

▶ Register all trailers and coloring them all!
▶ Supports Vive la France!
▶ Supports Schwarzmuller!

Knox_xss, Changed Black Sky



8 thoughts on “Tedit for ETS 2

  1. Can we buy our own trailers with this mod?

    1. Yes, thanks to this program, you can buy any trailer and put it on any color just need it all the money

  2. DeGelderseTrucker

    Yes Fred, only you need money.
    But this guy who made it doesnt tell that in the desc.

  3. zeeuwsetrucker

    Why not make a video how it works?

  4. jules.raton

    Official SCS forum thread http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=202722
    Not sure you are authorised to share the WHOLE program though. You can just share your personal edits of the .txt files mate!!!
    Anyway, official update from knox_xss should come soon so this will be obsolete.

    1. I just changed it a few items that were not, and decided to share with you because it does not have to update, and to whom it may have been too lazy to do Etto

  5. trucker50

    is there also a link to the youtubechannel with a dutch or english explanation?

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