Template Scania S & R full

100% works

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Enjoy !

FloppySRB, Scania S & R, SCS


13 thoughts on “Template Scania S & R full

  1. This template is made my IJ’S Mods…why you need yo upload mods made by others?

    1. JimmyJoJr

      These aren’t mine. Mine includes all the accessories too, this guy forgot the side skirts, mirrors, sunshield etc.

      1. GamerHacker

        Thats happens when you run too fast to publish first but didnt check all parts :”D

      2. Please will you tell me how can i ad a skin on my next gen Scania in ets2? I know how to edit a skin and how to add a truck mod in ets2studio but the next gen isn`t avaible in ets2studio? Thank you for answering>

        1. Hey, use the method using the dds files.

          1. Hello thanks for your answer. I have opened the def and base files with the scs extractor but then you can only change the colors. I would also like to make my own name on the truck. Templates are there but is there no other way to ski the truck?

    2. Can some one made scania s 2×6 chassis

  2. You want accurate templates ?

    Check out here.

    P.s I have sideskirt template but they are not part of the paint template. They are to be skinned and exported seperately.

    1. Also impossible, to make Skins. The same Problem as Sven Marks.
      Finally, yours and the other one are the same Base.

      Do not know, why it is so… 🙁

  3. Sven Marks

    Creating a skin with the template is impossible, as parts of the skin on the side panels are the fenders and the chassi.

  4. I´m finding out, that the Templates are not the real Templates for the NG R+S.
    In SCS Forum is somebody, who makes a modded Version of this new Trucks, with correct Parts and Templates.

    Another Problem is the ETS2Studio, it´s not again up to Date. What I heard, they will work on it again in December.
    I do a Prayer, that it finally will come… 😉

    Maybe, somebody will publish the REAL Templates, where we can skin without any Errors.

    1. As I have already said! these are the real templates. I dont understand how these can be fake LOL as they’re computer generated! Perhaps you should practice skinning a bit more and understanding the game paths before even attempting to skin LOL.
      I’m laughing to hard at your stupidity.

  5. Blackwolf83m

    the is for 6 x 2 and 4 x 2 not 8 x 4
    It would be nice if we would create the right skin to create. since it is sunned yes everything is

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