Template Scania S & R full

100% works

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Enjoy !

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13 Responses to Template Scania S & R full

  1. Borce_86 says:

    This template is made my IJ’S Mods…why you need yo upload mods made by others?

    • JimmyJoJr says:

      These aren’t mine. Mine includes all the accessories too, this guy forgot the side skirts, mirrors, sunshield etc.

      • GamerHacker says:

        Thats happens when you run too fast to publish first but didnt check all parts :”D

      • Arie B. says:

        Please will you tell me how can i ad a skin on my next gen Scania in ets2? I know how to edit a skin and how to add a truck mod in ets2studio but the next gen isn`t avaible in ets2studio? Thank you for answering>

        • Perora says:

          Hey, use the method using the dds files.

          • Arie B. says:

            Hello thanks for your answer. I have opened the def and base files with the scs extractor but then you can only change the colors. I would also like to make my own name on the truck. Templates are there but is there no other way to ski the truck?

    • Kristjan says:

      Can some one made scania s 2×6 chassis

  2. Zeeuk1 says:

    You want accurate templates ?

    Check out here.

    P.s I have sideskirt template but they are not part of the paint template. They are to be skinned and exported seperately.

    • JoachimK says:

      Also impossible, to make Skins. The same Problem as Sven Marks.
      Finally, yours and the other one are the same Base.

      Do not know, why it is so… 🙁

  3. Sven Marks says:

    Creating a skin with the template is impossible, as parts of the skin on the side panels are the fenders and the chassi.

  4. JoachimK says:

    I´m finding out, that the Templates are not the real Templates for the NG R+S.
    In SCS Forum is somebody, who makes a modded Version of this new Trucks, with correct Parts and Templates.

    Another Problem is the ETS2Studio, it´s not again up to Date. What I heard, they will work on it again in December.
    I do a Prayer, that it finally will come… 😉

    Maybe, somebody will publish the REAL Templates, where we can skin without any Errors.

    • Zeeuk1 says:

      As I have already said! these are the real templates. I dont understand how these can be fake LOL as they’re computer generated! Perhaps you should practice skinning a bit more and understanding the game paths before even attempting to skin LOL.
      I’m laughing to hard at your stupidity.

  5. Blackwolf83m says:

    the is for 6 x 2 and 4 x 2 not 8 x 4
    It would be nice if we would create the right skin to create. since it is sunned yes everything is

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