Template Trailers Owners by SCS

Template of the new trailers by SCS



15 thoughts on “Template Trailers Owners by SCS

  1. Thanks
    How do I install them once I’ve made my own ?

  2. mathew rowe

    hey thanks how do i put them into the correct folder so they show up in game?

    1. Sotka_GER

      You need ETS-Studio.

      1. Charlie Kay

        Do i just use the standard trailers in ets studio?

      2. Charlie Kay

        Do i just use the standrad ets studio trailers?

      3. ETS Studio doesn’t add the 1.32 trailers

      4. ETS Studio doesn’t include the 1.32 trailers. There must be another way to add our own skins

      5. thanks sir, but add new trailer in ets2 studio?

      6. Скинь ссылку плиз

  3. i need too 😉

  4. Charlie Kay

    How do i add them in game?

  5. Do i just use the ets studio trailer?

  6. Since version 1.27 of the trailer structure has changed, it is no longer possible to add new trailers in ets2studio.

  7. What are the internal names for the trailers? Much apprieciated

  8. Y’all are gonna hate me for this but, these templates have a slight problem, I’m using the dry_van_136.png as a base for my skins and the front and rear are off center

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