Temporal Anti Aliasing/DLSS/DLAA – No More Aliasing, Flickering v8.4.9

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Version 8.4.9:
– Ghosting improvements for Temporal Anti Aliasing Rev.2
– Performance improvements for Temporal Anti Aliasing Rev.2
– Added Temporal Anti Aliasing Rev.2 (testing DLAA alternative algorithm)
– Improved DLSS Quality, DLSS Balanced, DLSS Performance

TAA is a method used by modern games to solve aliasing issues.
Full implementation of TAA for ETS2/ATS
It has low performance impact compared to any other anti aliasing solution.
sIt is not an only postprocess TAA like you have in other apps which just blurs your screen.

TAA (Temporal Anti Aliasing) implemented with a .dll file to replace default anti aliasing method with TAA.
It is removing/recuding aliasing, flickering, shimmering with minimal performance impact.

You can get rid of aliasing problems with only 100% resolution scale in game. You can use left gpu power for higher graphic settings or anything you want.

Supported Versions:
ETS2: 1.49 – 1.48 – 1.47
ATS: 1.49 – 1.48

1.Go to ETS2/ATS folder
2. Go to “bin\win_x64” folder
3. Copy & paste dxgi.dll file and nvngx_dlss.dll (for DLSS)
4. Start game with DirectX 11
* Disable any other anti aliasing (SMAA, MSAA, Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)), sharpen filter and resolution scaling (only use ingame resolution scaling)
** If you have black screen problem, disable HDR, reset game config.cfg and settings from NVIDIA/AMD control panel. Also close the TAA menu after starting the game.

Press “HOME” or “CTRL+P” keys to open menu ingame
Rate = TAA apply rate (9 default and recommended)
Sharpness = Sharpen filter rate
T. SSAO = Anti flickering solution for inbuilt SSAO feature (use with ingame SSAO)
T. Shadow = Anti flickering solution for inbuilt shadow feature

***You can use this method for any other project uses dxgi.dll.

Create a folder named “reshade” inside “bin\win_x64\” folder.
Copy reshade files (dxgi.dll, ReShade.ini, ReShadePreset.ini, reshade-shaders) to “bin\win_x64\reshade\” folder.
Put TAA dxgi.dll to “bin\win_x64\” folder.
Now you can play the game with TAA and ReShade.

***When reshade is activated, you need to use “END” key for TAA instead of “HOME” key.

Test Version
Latest test version of TAA application. To use DLSS with NVIDIA GPUs, put “nvngx_dlss.dll” file to “bin\win_x64” folder. If you already downloaded “nvngx_dlss.dll” file, you don’t need to download with DLSS again.



8 thoughts on “Temporal Anti Aliasing/DLSS/DLAA – No More Aliasing, Flickering v8.4.9

  1. andy brough

    please make it easier to install into the sim

    1. Schlongo McNugget

      I don’t get what is supposed to be so complicated about it?
      It’s literally just 3 simple steps to get it working.
      There is no way to get something like that into a mod file. It would require getting access to the source code of the game. Something only the devs are able to.
      To be honest, it would be their ####### job to add a decent Anti-Alias feature to the game. So we can be pretty happy to have this little tool.

      1. andy brough

        it might be “easy” for you, but i would not be asking if i found it as “easy” as you say it is, not all of us are computer TWATS

      2. andy brough

        OH and get your head out of your ####

      3. hahahhahha, he wants to go to his house and install it for him.Its very very hard to extract one file and put it ont the game director x64. you need to be an 10+ expert.Anyways enought with trolls like that guy. I use also Reshade but sorry to say i preffer sharpness from Reshade presets. Yours is very good also but will diminish the contrast.I like the vegetation colour , among other things , to be more vivid, especially with that plain boring green from Germany and Spain.Another thing , in an intersection when i look sideways by moving the mouse. cars entering side lane from the opposite direction are blurry, their tail, they leave short marks on the asphalt when they pass by.In conclusion the mod is very very good, very very efficient, the experience after all is amazing, the game is smoother, image..

        1. andy brough

          i do not want you to come to my house and install it for me ,you patronising pillock all i was saying that it would be good to simplify it ……KNOB

  2. Is there a way to get this working on the VR exe? Version number of that is 1.48.5 and your app/overlay says it’s the wrong game version.

    Works perfectly on non-VR 1.48, thank you.

  3. Trucker_Schmitt

    Regarding @andy brough questions:
    I am a pretty experienced truck driver and a good hearted soul at all.
    To read your cheap replies to -andy brough- who just asks simple questions about how to install and make this mod working, I am just disappointed to read your lousy reactions – which would be so easy to just EXPLAIN the few steps!!!!
    But You show a behaviour like an ##### instead to simply HELP him out!
    Why is NO ONE able or open just to write the steps – listing in step by step – to make it working???
    Many of you write a lot – of nonsense, but none is ready to really help him. WHY is this???
    So please – help this guy just be telling him the steps to make it work.

    As I said before, I’m a good and open hearted soul, so I ask YOU for to be the SAME and just HELP instead telling warm unimportant words, can YOU?

    By the way, we are humans, call ourselves as ‘intelligent’ – so please fullfil the tiny task for him.

    Greetings, Trucker_Schmitt

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