Temsa Diamond v1.0

Tested Version: 1.28
Model: SCS Software
ETS2 Convert: END Group
*Available İnterior
*No Skin Support
Selected Cabin: “A Cabin”
Selected Chassis: “6×2”
Good Game’s

GrkemBurak, Komarluk, Toros, Superlegend, FurkanG


6 thoughts on “Temsa Diamond v1.0

  1. Those dealers are weird.

  2. Why all theses busses?? It’s a truck simulator not a bus simulator.

    1. Why all these people trying to dictate other people how they have to play the game?!

      YOU don’t have to use it if you don’t like it, but others are very happy to see all these different kinds of vehicles.

      I have different profiles: “Car Driver”, “Truck Driver” and “Bus Driver” so I can drive all these different kind of vehicles with just one game! Furthermore ETS 2 is the only driving simulator which runs under Linux (natively). Because I can’t earn money with a car, I have set my start money to 10 million and bought several garages and trucks, so other drivers earn the money for my fuel and repair costs. For driving a bus (there are lots of bus terminals in-game!) you can either install a passenger mod, use the EAA bus map or buy lots of garages with trucks and drivers so you don’t have to earn money by yourself.

      It’s a simulator and it is there to simulate the/your world. So why don’t use the modding capabilities and put different kinds of vehicles onto the road?

      1. básicamente por que mas que un juego en si mismo es un programa de simulación casi profesional de conducir camiones, riguidos, semi riguidos, trailers, tandems, y trnes de carretera, y si ponemos otros vehículos, además sin la misma resolución grafica el ets2 dejaría de ser un simulador para ser un juego fabricar coches

        1. Hello

      2. spider.r0ot2

        Like this try, must be V2 of that bus and Neoplan
        Also really want to see Setra 315HDH 😀

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