Tesla Model 3 Performance




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  1. pls create a mod of the long version of Mercedes Sprinter 2021 and create there the ETS2 version of this license plate.pls Reply YAHIA ABID pls please.

    1. yahiaabid

      IT in game search you will see this van

  2. Pls make Opel Astra L!!!

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t have any car model opel

      1. BeamNGDrive

  3. opel astra g

  4. opel astra g pleaase

  5. plss citroen ami

    1. What is the next car

      1. I wonder how many days will the BMW ix arrive?

        1. yahiaabid

          i told you i finished this car ix just when i great dashboard

          1. Oky bro thx

  6. Pls volvo s80 2003

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t have this car

  7. Jalapeño boy

    I forgot change the engine sound and physics in Dacia Sandero Stepway 2021

    1. yahiaabid

      i will update this car

    2. Equality for all car manufacturers

      stfu lol

  8. pls seat leon fr 2020 pls yahia abid

  9. make kia forte sedan 2010 please sir

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t have sedan just coupe

  10. Daniel Deniz

    Pls make Audi a4 b7 sedan sline

  11. Renault Master 2008

  12. pls next car renault kangoo

    1. yahiaabid

      renault master 2008

  13. Make BMW E60 535D FOR ME

    1. yahiaabid

      model e60 in game i can’t to do this car

  14. ücretli mod yapıyormusunuz? mod isteğim var

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      as for you ONUR, you are the worst person ive ever come across since ive been trolling here, how can a racist, hater, a scumfuck such as yourself still be asking for mods, and in such a way you ask too, you should be banished to the badlands, so the demons can devour your genitals, and regurgitate them over and over to do it again

  15. please make mod clio4 rs 2019 or seat leon cupra 2019

    1. yahiaabid

      mabye clio4 2018 i have this car but not now

      1. Yahiaabid, if you are making a paid mod, contact me at this e-mail address [email protected]. If you are making a paid mod, contact me. I have a mod request from you.

      2. Yahiaabid, if you are making a paid mod, contact me at this e-mail address If you are making a paid mod, contact me. I have a mod request from you.

      3. Can you make BMC Procity bus mode? I want it wholeheartedly. Please, I will pay for it if necessary. Write your contact address.

      4. please make this car tomorrow ilove it this car and please make engin 500hp and thenk you

        1. Equality for all car manufacturers

          look at you, on your knees, begging, lol Onur the racist

  16. YAHIA ABID, Can you make a Yahia Abid bus mod? Could you make or design a BMC Procity bus mod?

  17. yahiaabid

    the next car it 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

    1. YAHIA ABID, there is a mod I want, can you make it for a fee? I mean, do you make a paid mod? I need a bus mod. I want a BMC Procity bus mod. Answer me now. ?

      1. yahiaabid

        no bus just car or semi truck thank’s

        1. YAHİA ABID , Mercedes cla 180d amg can you make this vehicle? If you are going to make a paid mod, make this vehicle specifically for me, please contact us.

          1. yahiaabid

            i told you no this car of mercedes

          2. Equality for all car manufacturers


  18. Kadircan Kencbesü

    please peugeot 407 pleaseeeeee

  19. Ahil Metodiev

    bro pls bmw m5 competition or audi rs7 2022

    1. yahiaabid

      i don’t have this car

  20. yahiaabid bmw ix mod cars?

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      face palm

  21. Equality for all car manufacturers

    here is you Onur.. Honour or whatever you call youself now “I want it wholeheartedly. Please, I will pay for it if necessary” “I need a bus mod. I want a BMC Procity bus mod. Answer me now” “YAHIA ABID, Can you make a Yahia Abid bus mod” “YAHİA ABID , Mercedes cla 180d amg can you make this vehicle?” “yahiaabid bmw ix mod cars?” your worse than Jalapeño boy, and he’s sheep dags, what car do you want??? make up your mind NAZI.

    1. yahiaabid

      I was confused about him every time he chose a car and changed his name. I was tired of him

      1. Equality for all car manufacturers

        Yahia, your probably wondering why i get on here and do what i do, well for one i hate, absolutely hate how inconsiderate these people asking for mods are, rude, never politely asking just want want want, they ask like they are pointing the finger at you and demanding you do it, NOW, just absolutely disgusting people.
        And secondly, i hate Nimit and Mert Irsi, why??? cause they think their S H I T dont stink, locking their mods so when the game updates to a newer version, you cant use their mods until they update them, and they do nothing to update them, never, no changes, and never any improvements. how do i know, cause i break them open.
        And thirdly the quality of mods are absolute garbage, i mean you want to be known as a modder, but its not quantity, its quality, do mods with care and at least some heart, your a bit like a dodgy car salesman, selling second hand cars as your best work yet, Yahia, take your time, do quality work, and i may disappear

      2. Equality for all car manufacturers

        that chick with the saab, i remember when she showed up, way before you were here, asking Mert and Nimit about the same thing, they told her that they never have seen this 3d design model anywhere but if they did they would do one, (then tho she was asking for a 1992 Saab aero turbo), then you turned up, got a reputation and everyone was asking you to do mods, so she did too, and so i watched, when you finally did that car for her, it was junk, then she asked if you could fix things, you said no, why did i use her as a example, because that person was always polite and must have had patience of a saint… 8MONTHS she waited, and you gave her S H I T on a stick. disgusting, how can one be satisfied with what they do for someone else, if thats what you was given in return???? would you be happy with it???

      3. Equality for all car manufacturers

        but in the end Yahia, i do have some respect for you, youve kept going, not stopping, tooken all the hate, slowly improved, slowly, and have built a reputation on doing your choice of mods for others and also asking people what mods they want, i dont fully hate you, i just wish you would put some love into your mods, nothing worse when you find a car you absolutely love, and find there is a major fault with it, and it becomes heartbreaking and sad, cause the modder wont ever improve it, when they should have just made it properly in the first place.
        as of now ill leave you to be Yahia, goodluck, ill be back in time, in a month or two, please, just please, put some love into your mods

  22. Why do something that is clumsily done poorly? This is a game about trucks, not passenger cars! What a disaster

    1. we like to play with cars and that’s not your business.also the car mods are more popular than truck mods a truck mod takes about 5 comments but a car mod takes about 60 comments.

  23. ford mondeo 2016

  24. plz plz plz, make BMW e65 ❤️

  25. You are Great Yahid. Please create Lexus LX600

  26. Please make your Audi A6 exhaust sound quieter. In general, the A6 is made on the same platform as the Skoda Superb, so the sound of the engine from the Skoda Superb will suit perfectly. And your Prado is very loud too. The 3D models themselves are beautiful. You have A6 and Prado in the civilian, stock version. The aggressive exhaust does not suit them; it feels like they are broken. If you have the RS and Gazoo Racing versions, then it’s a different matter. But even the sports versions sound quieter, because… must be certified

    1. P.S. This game is aimed at long trips, following traffic rules, and exploring the world. Overall, I think it’s nice to drive quiet, stock cars here. It’s a unique experience that other games don’t provide. Making aggressive sports cars will not make the game better than Forza. If someone wants to drive with a roar, there are a lot of other games, but riding on stock is a unique opportunity ETS2.

  27. pls make a ferrari sf90 mod or a lamborghini huracan sto mod pls

  28. Can I contact you on discord? For paid cooperation

  29. volkswagen touran tdi
    renault scénic 2 stp stp stp

  30. cc yaya fait des frod fiesta ou s-max

  31. citroen c4 grand picasso
    citroen c3
    citroen c8

  32. Sto spam this ###### low quality mods really you stole assets, mods from other games…whatever. STOP!

  33. ford mondeo 2016 sedan

  34. Zoom-Zoom

    Plz Make Mazda CX-5 !!!!

  35. Land Rover Defender 2021 please

  36. please a Mercedes W124. Thanks 😀

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