TESLA MODEL X Animation Doors

Tesla model x has been transferred to the game according to factory data, speed limits, engine option, gearbox option is stabilized, animated doors are available, there is no problem, you can download and play with pleasure and interior textures were designed in accordance with quality and reality.

berkay pekesen yasin.calim


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16 thoughts on “TESLA MODEL X Animation Doors

  1. The game crashed when i want to drive

  2. the horn,blinker sound and lights turining on sound is nonexistent please fix this in later version

    1. Animation and display screen will be rearranged don’t worry

      1. very good bro , keep it up. nice mod

      2. some guy

        also please add visible wipers from interior cam bc right now it looks like the car is wiping the rain with heat

  3. Please Bmw 330I e46

  4. add a numberplate please

  5. How to open the doors 🚪 🤔

    1. some guy

      press the key to open windows

      1. what key

        1. zip file abomination

          tbhe keys that you use for lowering the windows

  6. daniel lc300

    pls Toyota Land Cruiser 300

  7. hello, the delivery mode is very good, can you make a porsche taycan turbo s mod?

  8. Dealer?

  9. Icarus GR

    Great mod and animation doors feature but the whole point is to enjoy driving not crashing all the time lol it’s unrealistic driving tbh with 600hp..

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u1-xLo8E80 (gameplay)

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