Texture for roads


This is my first texture road i hope that you like it!!

jorge soria


6 Responses to Texture for roads

  1. vlksmm says:

    Молодец отлично зделал!!!

  2. jorge soria says:

    i don´t understand i only now english and spanish

  3. JN says:

    Unlike the previous ‘reviewer’ (vlksmm) puts in (who can’t handle any Russian or English grammar at all), even in the screenshots in looks very repetitive and highly segmented. I appreciate your input, but roads don’t consist of 3 meter-long repeating segments, if you ever drove any kind of vehicle. Please don’t get offended, but this doesn’t add to realism of the “stock” roads texture.

    • jorgeelsensei says:

      hola que tal? Lo ciento he probado en Varios mapas Diferentes y no me paso Eso que Tú dices en el promods Hay partes Que si Quedan raras ,pero en el TSM y mapa original Anda bien gracias

  4. jorge soria says:

    hola que tal ? mire lo he probado en varios mapas diferentes y no me paso eso que dices tu en el promods hay partes que quedan raras si pero en el tsm y mapa original anda bien desde ya gracias

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