Texture Mod v 1.0

Texture-Mod-v-1.0-2 Texture-Mod-v-1.0-1

Tested 1.11 version

Author: Toft-N


7 thoughts on “Texture Mod v 1.0

  1. video pls?

  2. get CTD : ets2 1.1.0+DLC+TSM 5.0

  3. Thanks for texture: material\road
    I like 😉

    1. Thanks.. I’m working on v1.1

      1. Thanks buddy,i love such mods 😉
        I will wait for the release v1.1

  4. I’ve had one CTD, but that could be for many reasons.

    Great mod! A surprisingly huge improvement.

    1. Found out that my CTD was due to an old trailer mod. I updated that and have had no issues. This is a great mod and currently one of my “must have” mods.

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