Textures Reworked v2.4

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v1.07 :
* Texture Road Reworked
* HDR Reworked
* Weather Reworked
* Color Correction


* Compatible with maps:
– Vanilla Map –
– Promods –

Compatibilities map resolved for:
– Truck Sim Map –
* Ray of sun reworked
* Sound of rain reworked


* Rain texture Reworked
* Changed light tractor for Xenon Light for a best visibility on the fog
* Added fog
* Ray of sun reworked
* Sound of rain reworked
* Thunderstorm sound and texture reworked


* Added New Speed For wiper.
* Correction small problems


* Hdr Reworked ( weather and blur )
* Weather ATS imported on ETS2
* Ground Reworked


* Wiper Speed Reworked
* Xenon flare deleted
* Added two separated mod with Halogen Flare or Xenon Flare


* Compatible DLC France
* Sign DLC France reworked
* Barrier 3d model changed I’ve inclued model by BeamNG Drive


American-Express, BeamNG Drive and other


25 thoughts on “Textures Reworked v2.4

  1. Thank you guys! 🙂

  2. please make a fix that would work without DLС France

    1. American-Express

      Doesn’t work without DLC France if it’s true I create version without DLc.

      1. Yes does not work without DLС France

        1. American-Express

          Okay I leave a version tomorrov thank you zizu ! for your reply 🙂

  3. Crashes on 2.6 tested with a new profile still crashes :/

    1. American-Express

      Game.Log please, thank you

  4. Can you leave a link for that Euro Daf chassis?

  5. Where can i find those yellow lights on the roof?

    1. TeddyBear

      they are the hella luminator lights which is public.
      the dude has just edited the texture files in the archive to get the glass yellow.

      also the public should get a version that does not require dlc france.

      1. American-Express

        yes I make here tomorrov for the mod 😉

  6. deleted your Xenon light. i don´like it in generaly.
    deleted your map, not needed. 🙂

    toghter with … (loading order)

    Fael Environment 2.8
    Interior MegaPack
    Textures Reworked

    my Traffic mod
    = nice mix.


    thank you. 🙂

  7. MHApro please !!

  8. Does it take fps?

  9. Very Nice Work:)

  10. ugh. maybe next time don’t compress screenshots of a “texture mod” so much

  11. Damyen085

    Hello, would you tell me that you have the mod Daf EUR 6 please?

  12. fishgoblue


    1. to solve the problem with xenon and interior, open the mod file with WinRAR and go to def folder and delete the vehicle folder and it is done ( this will remove the xenon lights and resolve the interior problem ) sorry for my bad inglish …. I hope I was helpful

  13. How i can have halogen lights?

  14. игорь

    как убавить яркость свечения неба?мой старый монитор не поддерживает такую яркость,глаза режет яркость неба.

  15. fishgoblue,
    your keyboard are broken……..

  16. halogen lights dont working…

  17. Hi can you give me link for the yellow lights please ?

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