TFS Standalone Schmitz Trailer


This mod includes a new Schmitz SKO trailer with a TFS skin.

The trailer is in AI Traffic.

I hope you enjoy! If there’s any bug, please say in the comments!

Authors: SilvaTrucker, Roadhunter


15 Responses to TFS Standalone Schmitz Trailer

  1. Roadhunter says:

    yes who it believes …
    this is an Roadhunter modification Trailer…

  2. cmbl says:

    Nice work .
    Do you think to make a pack only with portuguese trailers soon ?

    • SilvaTrucker says:

      Thanks 😉

      Well, soon I will create an Transwhite Pack, I will update the PT Supermarkets Pack, and I have the Cimpor, Vieira Vacas and TJA Trailer, so, I have already lots of Portuguese Mods, without forget the Patinter pack.

      In this summer, maybe I create an bigger pack of Portuguese companies 🙂


      Obrigado 😉

      Bem, em breve eu vou criar o Pack Transwhite, vou atualizar o Pack de Supermercados Portugueses, para além de que eu tenho um reboque da Cimpor, da Vieira Vacas, e da TJA. Portanto eu já tenho muitos mods Portugueses, sem esquecer o pack Patinter.

      Talvez no verão eu crie um maior Pack de empresas Portuguesas 🙂

      • cmbl says:

        Thanks SilvaTrucker .
        Muito obrigado por compartilhar o teu trabalho .

  3. cmbl says:

    Nice work .
    Do you think to make a pack with only portuguese trailers soon ?

  4. Steini says:

    Low quality, easy to draw the logo itself.

  5. SilvaTrucker says:

    Wow it’s awesome! Now you are right!! Awesome work!! And were have you find the rear of the TFS?

    • Steini says:

      It’s more improved, cannot drive for a photo to portugal, but a 50/50 chance to the right. 😉

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