TGV horn


TGV horn for 1.6.1



16 thoughts on “TGV horn

  1. It`s a truck simulation so my question is WHY

    1. BelgianRescueGuy112

      Look my friends truck has this horn on his truck in ther real life !

  2. Sorry, but this is terrible …

  3. HAHAHHAHA!!!! This sucks!!!

  4. ###?

  5. This sound is for trucks, not for TGVs.

  6. kriechbaum

    Hi all,

    Many of guys right here have not the open-mindedness to imagine that many things can be different from one country to another one.

    So, today may be, they will understand that in France there’s some trucks (not too much) that have this train horn. YES, it does exist, i already have heard it.

    Even if i don’t use that mod, have to say : good Job to the author 😉

  7. My uncle has a train horn on his Scania, and that does sounds MUCH better!!!

  8. I press the ‘H’ for the horn and only get one tone not two tone like heard in video.

    1. Maybe it is on the new secondary horn, default key N?

  9. I wouldn’t use it for a truck but the idea is great ! Very funny man ! 🙂

  10. Je n’arrive pas a faire marcher les deux trompe, lorsque j’appuye sur ‘H’ il y a qu’un seul ton, pouvez vous m’aider ?

    1. moi aussi jé le méme probléme ke toi

  11. actually some truck owners have retro fitted TGV horns to their rigs in real life. in the UK too

  12. So all mods not related to ETS 2 are made for fun so don’t complain. Anyway good job.

  13. ted hegner


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