The Big Stobart Mod V6.4.2


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The Big Stobart Mod is a mod that includes several Stobart Themed Trailers and Stobart AI traffic. You can see pictures of the trailers and traffic below. You can aswell download the Stobart truck skins here

Warning: Due to the extensive changes necessary to make this work, the game will consider this as “game changing” and will cancel any current jobs and return you to your main garage. Please make sure you finish your current delivery BEFORE installing/removing this mod.

After installing this mod, you will need to sleep two or three times to refresh the job list to make the new trailers/cargo show up and remove the old trailers. (Alternatively if you have enabled the dev console you can type ‘g_set_time xx’ to move time forward.)

If you would like to view a full list of changes including what cargo each trailer pulls you can read it here.

Please note that due to the internal changes in 1.21.x these mods will NOT work with game version 1.20.x or older.
If you would like to see whats on the mod pack click here

InsaneJ, Ekualizer for the 143m in AI


3 Responses to The Big Stobart Mod V6.4.2

  1. Nathan says:

    Is the scania tandem avaliable for use or is it just for AI?

  2. JimmyJoJr says:

    Please be aware; we only offer support to our mods on the official blog page, facebook page or email.

    On the rare occasions our mods are uploaded to other sites, like this one, we will not offer support or answer queries here.

  3. The Mad Trucker says:

    Tandem trucks are only in AI traffic. You can get a mod for having stobart tandems

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