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The Dutch Map 1.0 for ETS2 1.14 and higher (23-10-2014)
When creating a profile select the gaming unit: nederland.mbd
Special thanks to:
– Rick: Voor de site + het starten van de map
– FLD: Voor de geweldige prefabs
– Maurice: Voor de politiewagen
– BlackOpen
– Stephan: Beta tester
– Nportegies: Voor de hulpdienst AI wagens
– Maarten – MandelSoft: Voor de lantarenpalen en NBA wegbewijzering
– Nico (ProMods): Voor alle hulp en models
The yellow dots indicate the cities that are back in the 1st release it.
The blue lines indicate the highways are back in the 1st release it.
The dark blue lines indicate the N roads again.
Cities Overview 1st release:
– Nijmegen
– Ede
– Harderwijk
– Apeldoorn
– Arnhem
– Enschede
– Saint Isidorushoeve
– Hengelo
– Almelo
– Zwolle
– Emmen
– Hoogeveen
– Heerenveen
– Groningen
Version game: 1.14.x

Wessel, Mike, Guus, Sven, FLD, Maurice, Maarten, Nico, nportegies


23 thoughts on “The Dutch Map

  1. Faelandaea

    The concept of having a scaled rendition of the Netherlands in ETS2 is an exciting one. Scenery-wise I love this map. But the thing that makes me hesitate about downloading is, watching the video, I see that the author still has the map scaled so that you use insane amounts of fuel and time to run between even neighboring cities – it takes at least half a day to full day and a tank of gas to run down the street. However that is my only complaint. Visually the map is awesome. I am hoping that someday someone does a dutch map that is scaled more like the Hungary map, though. I contacted the author during a prior release and he stated that this scaling was done for a boost to money and XP – however ETS2 is so insanely easy and fast to make money and XP in that I do not feel this is needed. It’s such a wonderful map, but to turn such a visual piece of work into a physical cheat mod definitely disappoints this user 🙁

    Guys I hope you will reconsider the scaling and make this more like the Hungary map for driving as far as distance/time goes.

    I’m still going to download this, because I do love the Netherlands that much, but I’ll most likely drive this map more for testing mods than actual driving due to the scaling/time bit.

    1. Faelandaea

      Nevermind . . . I will, unfortunately, not even be able to do that. On the prior release I used some months back I did not get near this kind of craziness with the log file . . . all of these errors are on a fresh profile-create with this map being the only mod activated for testing:

      Sorry, guys, but those errors need fixed badly. The old models are easy – takes 2 seconds to convert them to current format. As for the rest – those errors are way beyond anything I have ever seen in an error log before.

      Guess it’s back to Hungary, Default and TSM for me.

  2. It works with 1.13.xx? Should I create new profile?

  3. hantu_malam

    i does not see any cars on the road at UK
    Please fix it

    1. Uk on the Dutch Map? The dutch map is standalone, may you haven’t read the description how to put map in the player profile.

  4. et funzt ned die map absturz kurz vor bremen

  5. tyrannix2342

    This map is a big #### !!!!

  6. Many glitches whith the Km and time and paymant rest time i drive from groningen to groningen 61 km ### waste of fuel!!

  7. ETS 1.14? Das ist noch Beta! Es ist nicht funktionirt at 1.13. Bravo!

    1. Thank you very mach!

    2. Not work for 1.13 mister!

  8. heb je misschien een anderen downloadlink?

  9. Does this map mod work with the latest version of tsm?

  10. Jop Martens

    How do you download this with mega?!

  11. I played this map for 3 days and loved it, now it crashes constantly :(, I’ve tried creating a new profile but still crashes. it’s such a shame because the map itself is great.

  12. jop martens

    can somebody please answer my question

  13. Ten eerste, heel mooi gemaakt. Maar het jammere eraan is dat hij telkens bij mij uitvalt. Dat gebeurt dan als ik ongeveer 15 min heb gespeeld. Dan zit het beeld ineens vast tijdens het rijden en ga ik door naar mijn bureaublad. Daar word dan aangegeven dat ETS2 niet meer werkt.

  14. hoi Jop, op Mega wordt hij automatisch gedownload. Als dat klaar is druk je gewoon op DOWNLOAD TO MY COMPUTER en open je het.

    1. frans dijkman

      eurotruck 1.41

  15. hartelijk bedankt Dhanuja

  16. je moet een 1.15 verzie maken want als je langs een kleine truckdealer rijd crasht de game omdat de kleine truck dealers in 1.15 zijn verandert.
    fix het.

  17. trucker-bob

    Does this map attach the ETS2 map? or is this an standalone?
    And why only Brabant/Limburg why not whole Holland? wanna drive Utrecht A12 Nieuwgein, Houten, Assen etc etc

  18. nl trucker maar dan net even anders

    ik kan de mod niet downloaden dus heb je een nieuwe link A.U.B

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