The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24

Harsh-Russian-Baikal-1 Harsh-Russian-Baikal-2 Harsh-Russian-Baikal-3

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Off-road map of Russia.
This map is designed for people who have a strong nervous system. for those who love simulators, rather than arcade.
For version 1.24.x
In this archive:
С.Р.Байкал.r3 LOCK_sevliftservis- card key.
С.Р.Байкал r3 MAP- Map
С.Р.Байкал r3 HARD- trailers
С.Р.Байкал r3 AWD- four-wheel drive trucks for default
С.Р.Байкал r3 sound- sounds of map.

Download all three parts in one folder.
Extract the first part “Baikal 3.7 z.001” of the archiver 7zip.
Other parts do not need to unpack – they fall automatically with the first part.

Author: goba6372

DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 1 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 2 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 620 MB Part 3 [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 1 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 2 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 620 MB Part 3 [Uploadfiles]

39 thoughts on “The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24

  1. Joe the gamer

    Looks awesome, i can’t wait to test it!!! 🙂 TY Goba!!!!

  2. Joe the gamer

    Also, does it work on version 1.25.x?

  3. Does Scandinavia And Going East Have To Be Disabled?

    1. Joe the gamer

      Yeep 🙂 Otherwise the game will crash…

      1. как сделать чтоб работала на версии 1.25х

        1. Joe the gamer

          I haven’t tested it yet, sorry…

  4. Yes, game crashed :C

  5. does it work with promods or truck sim map ???
    most do new profile??
    does it work with Another maps or original??

    1. Joe the gamer

      It’s standalone map, it’s not compatible with other maps.

  6. will see a video

  7. It+said+that+the+file+is+corrupt..+someone+help+me+!+please

  8. Спасибо БОЛЬШОЕ!!!!

  9. ThommyLee

    Compliment, very interesting mod and map !

    But impossible to play, because
    – gps doesn´t show correct position of truck on map
    – trucks aren´t able to brake

    Any ideas for these problems ?

    Thank you in advance

  10. Downloaded all 3 packages about 4 times and everytime its corrupted. What to do?

    1. Click right mouse button on part 001 and select “Extract here”

  11. Дмитрий

    не могу найти файлы в игре что бы их подключить что делать?


      нужно поднять глаза и прочитать в описании, как распаковать архивы.

  12. не хрена она не работает вылетает приаритет какой я все перепробовал


      мозг включить попробуй сначала! все работает, никаких вылетов и крашей. лог абсолютно чистый.

    2. Prioritet:
      AWD выше всех остальных. (AWD file connect up other files)
      Sibiryak54 correctly writes: start in Ulan-Ude

  13. Sibiryak54

    тоже вылетает, скандинавию и гоинг ист отключил и все равно вылет.


      идиоты. неужели так трудно распаковать, как написано в описании, отключить DLC Scandinavia и Going east и создать новый профиль в игре? или может быть трудно посмотреть в описании для какой версии эта карта? карта работает только на 1.24. на других версиях работать не будет! карта прекрасно работает, если у вас руки растут не из жопы.
      ######! Is it hard to unpack, as it is written in the description, and disable DLC Scandinavia Going east and create a new profile in the game? or it may be difficult to see in the description of what version of this map? card only works on 1.24. other versions will not work! card works fine if you do not grow out of the hands of assholes.

  14. -Game crash on versions 1.24 and 1.25 (file 001 only)
    -The files 002 and 003 are corupted and with Exctact Here (winrar) is impossible to exctract !


      You know how to read? the description is written as what to unpack archives.

  15. I swear to god how people do not know this by now astounds me..

    This is the FREE version, it WILL be buggy/glitchy and whatever else. If you want the paid, decent version then get Goba on Skype, prove to him your nationality with a passport (Ukranian/Russian or something I think he wants) and you will have to pay him some money.

    This is legit.


      This is the paid version. and it does not work, because it incorrectly sets.

  16. Please , I can not download 7zip , do in WinRar I thank you .

  17. Sibiryak54

    У кого вылетает выбирайте стартовый город Улан-уде

    1. This maps are looking good but, why the icon on gps didn’t matches -_-

  18. The+GPS+is+on+purpuse+this+is+Harsh+russia.+in+the+very+east+of+russia+alot+of+roads+arent+driveble+or+arent+made+on+the+gps+

  19. este tipo de mapas tendran trabajos donde el gps no marque bien la ruta ……….. nota: al iniciar perfil buscar distintos puntos de inicio en ciudades para su solucion momentanea( recuerdar que goba es entretenido…. pero no apto para novatos)

  20. it+keeps+crashing,+when+u+go+tru+the+mod+folder+everything+is+in+russia+n+not+in+english+making+it+impossible+to+know+which+to+place+where

  21. wywala mnie z gry po dodaniu tej mapy czy ustawienia przy mapie są prawidłowe bo tak ustawiłem i nic

  22. how to convert city name became english ?

  23. does it need the dlc?

    1. Joe the gamer

      No! Both DLCs must be disabled!

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