The Many Faces of Joker Trailer


DC Comics The Joker Themed Trailer Skin for the schmitz S.KO trailer by Rommi TZ
Tested on 1.25 & all was fine. Standalone & has its own cargo (12 tons of Comic books)

please keep the original download link

hope you enjoy



4 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Joker Trailer

  1. before the credit police get here
    Trailer:- Tz Express.
    Re-worked exclusively for ETS2studio:- Matdom1988

    1. Fucktomnovy

      create something by yourself before you call a TRUE modder credit police. You fuckturd credit yourself? ######. Piece of ratshit.

      1. ### is wrong with people

        What is the point of creating for the public if skinners face this type of abuse, goes to show how immature this scene really is. This guys never claims to have created the trailer just the skin and made a complete trailer so people without the mod knowledge can just download and enjoy.

      2. ok buddy whatever you say

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