THE MAP OF HUNGARY V0.9.28A [1.27.X]

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Hungary Map v f 0.9.28 [1.27.x]
– 70 cities, the author plans an expansion to 300 cities
– Lots of updates, models and roads
– New prefabs
– Fixed a lot of bugs
– Removed invisible walls
– Full adaptation for patch 1.27.x
Map offline, you must choose the module hungary.mbd
Updated a v 0.9.28 [1.27.x]:
Card is fully adapted to work with v1.27.x,
– Updated all models to the new format,
– Updated the road network in the old parts of the map,
– The old districts got new models and facilities, road junctions and service areas,
– Removed all the invisible walls and other bugs of the previous version.
Test on version 1.27.x

Frank007, Indian56, Retoucher, Gumikacsa, SCS Software, FLD


41 thoughts on “THE MAP OF HUNGARY V0.9.28A [1.27.X]

  1. Great. Thanks.

    1. Works perfectly

  2. The crash card…..

  3. jules.raton

    The only real upload can be found on scs’ forums

    What is up with

    1. bollux

    2. What you want to tell us ???
      Jules Raton, I comparing the 2 DL-Links.

      Before speaking you should making your Brain working… 🙂

      Otherwise, you given to us only the Link to SCS-Forum and you find there the same Link. LOL

      1. You are not supposed to reupload a mod to another website without the author’s permission.

        1. How is reuploaded? This article links to the exact same download page as the one on the forums does. Use your brain!

  4. Tökéletes! Perfect!

  5. Koch Máté

    PLs add the Pécs city
    Kérlek adjátok majd hozzá pécset

  6. Can I have the name where I can find all dealers? please?

    1. Google is your friend 😀

  7. hallo
    die karte ist eine gute arbeit
    nur garagen könnten unkrautfrei sein
    fahrende strassenbahnen wären super


    Не загружается игра просит сохранения дпльше начинает грузить и опять просит сохранения…


    Ошибка начинат прогружатся игра и просит сохранения дальше я выбираю сохранения и она опять грузит грузит и опять просит сохранения….

  10. Hello, Veszprém mikor kerül be? Esetleg Nemesvámos?

  11. Krisztián

    Helló, nekem most bejött egy update, és EXE hibát észlel :C Pls help

  12. Crush+Loading+Game

  13. Hello


  14. Me it does not work as it loads it suddenly stops and crashes game

  15. CRASH!!! 🙁

  16. nem működik, betöltés közben kidob 🙁
    it isn’t works, chrashes until loading

  17. oscar2396


  18. CRASH.. how to fix this?

  19. Hi. I have problem with this map. When I try load my profile with this map it throws me to Windows. I changed module for hungary.mbd. Could you help me?

  20. Eszeminusz


  21. How to install Hungary Map in ets2 [1.27x] (100% Working)-

  22. Mashmixmusic

    GAme crashes on load screen

  23. yoncleider

    me gusta este juego

  24. yoncleider

    me gusta el mod por q me parece divertido y por q afin cambio a una camioneta ligera

  25. Michael Kooyman

    my buddys and i really loved this map the way the have desgine is is pretty awesome but please make it to 1.30 because i wanna play it whit the nieuw update

  26. John the trucker

    It works on v 1.28?
    Good roads to all!

  27. Hali! Melyik ETS2-vel kompatibilis, mert van egy pár darab. Ha tudtok linket csatoljatok. Köszi!

  28. DaSpookyNuts

    Awesome map! But, after I’ve done my first delivery and I’ve seen the garage cut-scene, the game crashes. Reloading doesn’t work. I don’t have any other mods loaded. I’m currently using 1.30 with the hot-fix, and the original DEF file in the mods folder, but not activated. I’ve tried using it with 1.27 and without the hot-fix + the original DEF file. It still doesn’t work. Link to my log: Link to a list of all my installed DLC’s:

  29. can you make it for 1.31 ets2

  30. abi+modu+kurmak+için+1.27+ye+çektim+hata+veriyor

  31. 1.31 de çalışmazmı

  32. Thalyson Selano

    O meu jogo ta na versao 1.30

    tem coomo alguem me explicar como faço pra instalar ou colocar esse mapa da hungrya

    meu whtsaap
    Thalyson Selano
    [email protected]

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