The Midlands and Southwest Map v 1.1.4 (1.27.x)

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for ets 2 version 1.27.x

hello to you all this is a standalone map which started out as a made up map but has developed into a 1:1 scale map of the Midlands and South West, so far i have Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Pontypridd, Aberytswyth, Fishguard, Hereford, Hollyhead, Worcester, Gloucester, Derby and Coventry ,
plus other fictional villages which in future versions will be renamed to real ones.
This is a 1.1 scale map so it will take the same time as in real life to complete the distances.
The map contains only 14 cities so far .

Going East, Scandinavia and Viva La France DLC’s are Required for this map to work.

map works with all other mod’s exept map mods

Please report any errors you may find or if you would like to help me develop this map please ask as help would be very much appreciated

cities included in version 1.1.4


All the other fictional villages have companys , but these need to be changed to real villages in future versions

cities in map but not complete yet




Download the two mods the Links are below , open up the 7z file and place the scs file in your mod folder and then activate in the correct order in the mod manager
Start new profile and activate both the map and prefab and model mod in correct order the select chopworld.mbd playing module
if your updating from an older version just delete map mod and replace new version in mod folder without any effect on game , but u will lose any job you are on so complete your current
job first

chopworld, SCS Software, FLD { prefab package } , SlavikSD { map zoom }


14 thoughts on “The Midlands and Southwest Map v 1.1.4 (1.27.x)

  1. can you please add cannock to the map as the A5 is a big trucking route and it would be quite fun to drive.

  2. oh huh, that’s interesting. Incompatible with the default map due to scale I’m guessing

  3. 4004 it does state that it is a standalone map

  4. This map has certainly pricked my ears up lol. Just 1 quick question are you planning on doing the full Uk?

    1. That would be among the best maps out there. It’d be GREAT to combine it with the other upcoming 1:1 maps out there

  5. It’s standalone map.
    chopworld.mbd playing module

  6. Digital X

    Glad to see the UK still gets some love! Will be keeping my eye on this one.

  7. Chopworld




  8. 56boneshaker

    If map is incompatible with default map how does it work. I tried it a with only ets maps and could’nt get it to work which ever way i put files in .

  9. @56boneshaker:
    It’s a stand alone map, means: create a new profile and activate chopworld.mbd in the gameworld modul!
    Look for help here:

  10. 56boneshaker

    ok got it going .looks good.will play and see how it develops.
    Thanks for replies.

  11. Others have done a better job. The terrain is too flat, empty and unreal

  12. rusty trucker

    link doe’s not work been removed

  13. The+second+link+didn’t+exist.

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