The Moscow Region Map v 3.0

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Map of the Moscow region
The map is autonomous,
Map scale 1 to 1
More than 600 km of real roads.
To play, you need to create a new profile and select the BY module
In the archive with the map is the video with the installation of the map.

Verified on version 1.30, for the version below the previous version

Adaptation under 1.30: Vitaly

Version 3.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.30.x):

– New roads
– New vegetation
– New objects
– Police cars replaced by Russians
– Added all car dealerships.
– Many other changes and corrections

Dmitry Povetkin, Lehan

DOWNLOAD 650 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 650 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 650 MB Part 3
DOWNLOAD 415 MB Part 4

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18 thoughts on “The Moscow Region Map v 3.0

  1. Откуда версия 3.0? Предыдущая версия , которая была выложена в свободном доступе, была 9.0. /// Where does version 3.0 come from? The previous version, which was freely available, was 9.0.

  2. Евгенич

    какая 9.0.????? Была 2.0. все правильно

  3. The best map ever! Лучшая карта когда-либо!

  4. darkexplorer64

    Incredible map, HD test:


  5. darkexplorer64

    A great map, HD test:


  6. Driving_SG

    Map scale from 1 to 1 adds game realism, great! Video…

  7. why game crash?

    1. coz no DEF file in archive …

  8. ilycarterk

    the files 2 3 are damaged

  9. Potrzebny+promods?

  10. RayFiftyOne

    I love the map but I found an anoying bug. At some roadworks there are no trafficlights. Traffic locks up there.

    1. RayFiftyOne

      After one delivery the crashes. I can’t start again!

  11. my game crashing

  12. czemu wywala z gry ???? i do pulpitu ????

  13. Part 1 is not working

  14. my game crash too

  15. my game crashed too

  16. darkexplorer64

    I would like to contact the author of the map, but I have not found the thread in any forum, or data to achieve it. This in my opinion, is the best Russian map, and I would like to help as much as possible to be updated for version 1.32. Greetings.

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