The Vögel Transporte Tuning Pack 1.2

This is a small tuning pack featuring fleet skins and smaller tuning parts of the company Vogel Transporte. I wasn’t satisfied with the available Vogel skins so I decided to make a big skinpack focusing on accuracy. The skinpack will expand from time to time with future updates.

– Scania S Next-Gen
– Scania RJL 4-series (2 versions; blue and red)
– Scania T 4-series by RJL
– DAF XF 105 (2 versions; blue and red + a skin for 50K lightbox and for the Kelsa lightbox by obelihnio)
– MAN TGA by Madster (2 versions; blue and red)

– Krone Profiliner by Sogard3 (custom mudlap and license plate included
– Schwarzmuller DLC trailer
– Schwarzmuller SPA 3E Mega by Fred

What’s new in 1.2?
– added skin for Schwarzmuller Mega by Fred (for those who have it)
– added skin color for the Kelsa front spoiler from Scania R&S 2016 addons
– added skin for Scania S 6x short sideskirts
– added a skin for Abasstreppas’ Maxion wheels
– added rear details and corrected miscolored parts on the DAF XF 105 skin
– added a standalone custom rear mudflap (for Vad&k’s DAF)
– slightly reduced mod size 😛

Have fun! 🙂

Sogard3, RJL, obelihnio, Vad&k, Madster, TheNuvolari


2 thoughts on “The Vögel Transporte Tuning Pack 1.2

  1. Nice Work!

    Is it also for the Scania New Gen by Eugene?


    1. TheNuvolari

      Yes, the Scania on the picture is Eugene’s one 🙂

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